Recollections: a day or a life

Installation with light potential, 2012

Size: 30 x 30 x 1,5 cm


”Recollections: a day or a life. (To Per 2009)” is an object made of emptied blister packages, joint by sewing by hand and with a machine where possible. The ends of the threads fasten the piece in a black frame, placed to reveale day light and everyday life through the empty holes of the packings.

The material in this piece is from Imovane 5 mg, a sleeping pill which is frequently prescribed by doctors as a help to go to sleep and also strongly addictive. A normal dose would be 1⁄2-1 pill, but the growing tolerance to Imovane can make someone who falls into addiction be able to take all the pills in this piece without falling asleep. After detoxification, this dose becomes lethal to the same person.