Light lab @ Landskrona Museum

During Bästa Biennalen 2021 in the South of Sweden, Joanna Thede will be holding light laborations for young people at Landskrona Museum. There will be light installations made by the artist to look at, and mini torches and recycled everyday material to experiment with between 1 and 4 pm on Tuesday the 2nd and Thursday the 4th of November. During the evening of “Kulturnatten” on the 5th of November 6-8 pm, the artist will be present with some of her light works.


During 2013, I run the project Artotekare for Region Skåne (the municipality of Skane) which includes activating the lending of art works in the various art libraries – Artoteken – to the separate hospital rooms for children and youngsters. The activity takes place in the children’s and youth wards at the University Hospitals in Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Lund and Malmö within the Region Skåne in the South of Sweden.

The project also includes creative workshops with the patients and their families. In these workshops, my art piece “Vessel of Reflection” – part of Artoteket – is shown as inspiration for the patients to make their own mobiles out of CD:s.

The image shows a mobile of a CD made by a patient.