Stråk (Trails)

Type of work: Public art commission

Commissioned by: Uddevalla municipality, Sweden

Place: Källdalsskolan in the city of Uddevalla in Sweden

Material: Print on glass

Size: 313 x 304 x 5 cm

Year: 2020

About the commission: Stråk in Uddevalla is an art work, printed on glass by PrintGlas in Stockholm. The art work is installed as part of the main entry at the leisure building at the school Källdalsskolan. The school with the new art work was inaugurated in September 2020.

One part of the commission contained working with pupils, and in some way re-use their material in the finished work. The pupils got the task to write down what they really like doing in their free time, except for anything related to a screen. Their contributions were inserted as elements in the pattern of the local map, forming the art work. The pupils’ own favourite spare time actions are now imprinted into the building of the leisure centre, where many of them will spend some their spare time.

Photos by art consultant Agneta Stening, taken during the construction of the school in January 2020.