Site-specific interactive installation series, 2012

In collaboration with artist Solveig Lindgren Inderbitzin

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“Breaths” is a series of interactive installations made in collaboration with artist Solveig Lindgren Inderbitzin. It is a collection of breaths and was initiated on the alternative art fair Supermarket at Kulturhuset in Stockholm in February 2012. It has since been activated in Malmoe twice where the latest stop was Breaths ♯3 at Konstframjandet Skane’s gallery S:t Gertrud. The piece is continuously changing, growing organically, given new directions as it brings new texts, photos and surprising discussions by the visitors.

The visual parts of the work are the installations with the contained air and the long lists of names left on the frosted paper stripes by everyone participating. The invisible part is formed by the overall structure with traces of the processes in digital documentation and is also growing with every participant, bringing not only his and her own air but also spirit into the work.


Breaths_blowing by Thede_inderbitzin

A young participant of Breaths. (Photo: Hanna Frihammar 2012)

Breaths_night by Thede_Inderbitzin

Night breaths at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden.

Breaths_detail by Thede_Inderbitzin

Detail of Sunday night breaths in front of Edvin Öhrström′s sculpture at Sergel′s square outside.