Frail Tales: Chapter 1-10

Frail Tales: Chapter 1-10 is a piece made for the group exhibition The material is plexiglass with a foil on one side which refracts the light to appear as various colours when seen from different angles. The plexiglass material also has a side with a structure which diffuses the light. In this piece – Chapter 1 – the structure is in the form of small pyramids on the top side and in the form of honeycombs on its bottom part. Inside, there is a LED string which can be lit through an external switch. The string of LED lamps do not become hot, also reducing the risk of the piece ever catching fire.



The size of Frail Tales: Chapter 1 is approximately 25 x 20 x 20 cm. The upper side is made out of a plexiglass with a structure of smaller pyramid forms.



The bottom and backside of the piece is made out of plexiglass with a structure of honeycomb forms.