Gåsebäcks kulturportal

Type of work: Public art commission – painting

Materials: Acrylic paint on concrete

Size: Approximately 22 x 6 x 5 m + 22 x 6 x 5 m (on either side of the road)

Year: 2022

Place: Gustav Adolfs gata, Gåsebäck industrial area in Helsingborg

Photo: Sarah Perfekt

About the work: In 2022, the public artwork Gåsebäcks kulturportal was made as a
collaboration within HKP – Helsingborgs Konstproduktion (Helsingborg’s Art Production), a studio association at Gåsebäck industrial area in Helsingborg. Five contemporary artists are the co-authors of this work: Rita Winde, Karin Frennesson Westblad, Josefine Axelsson, Rikki Winde and Joanna Thede. The idea for the work came from crocheted granny squares where all five artists each made a pattern template which was then painted on the walls in a grid like a quilt. The north and the south sides of the portal each contains a caryatid, a female figure that appears to be holding up parts of the traffic bridge above.