Green Reflections

Type of work: Installation

Materials: Mixed acrylic and wool yarn knitted by hand, recycled wooden strips, cat hair, fishing line crocheted by hand

Size: 8 x 3 x 0,05 metres

Year: 2023

Exhibited: Stadshusgalleriet in Laholm

About the work: Green Reflections is an installation in five parts knitted from mixed acrylic and wool yarn and with small cocoons of cat hair wrapped in crocheted fishing line. The green parts are about 2.20 meters long and the blue 2.10-2.50 meters high. In the green ones, I’ve knitted the shapes with jagged edges and structure in the surface by randomly using knit and purl stitches higgledy-piggledy. The frames are made with recycled wood where the frames of the blue parts are laminated in strips to suit the organic shapes. The cocoons are made of red-blonde cat hair that varies between lighter and blonder, and the small nets for the cocoons are crocheted with fishing line.

The work title is a play on the word reflection, which can be both a physical reflection and a thought. In terms of the title, the work is also associated with the earlier Reflections – Memorising Monet as Monet’s work Water Lilies – Green Reflections inspired the design of that work.

Photos: Maja Kristin Nylander