Karibuni Safari!

Photo montage, view from the south. (Planned size of sculpture: 13 x 10 x 3,8 metres.)


January 2015 marked the deadline for a sketching competition in a round-about in Borås in Sweden. The pre-ordered theme for the public sculpture was “Africa and savannah animals”, as the round-about is leading to the zoo of Borås. The title word Karibuni is swahili and means Welcome!

My idea for the sculpture was to emphazise on the tracing of the animals, as one does on a real safari: looking for traces of them. The footsteps of animals is a natural and welcome sign of where to find them out on the savannah.

The material of the sculpture was intended to be a rust-opposing metal called corten steel with integrated light. Four large “legs” of this metal holds up the paths for where the animals have been walking: in this case lion, rhino, and buffalo. These model images show the night view of the sculpture.


Photo montage, view from the west:




Detail, scale 1:1 in metal with integrated light.




Images of the sketching model, scale 1:50.