Ljusur (Light Dial)

Light Dial is a collaboration project made in Stockholm during 2012- 2013. A series of site-specific light installation were developed in four private homes belonging to people previously unknown. The photo above is from the Light Dial Enebyberg at night, taken by Ulrika Hektor 2013.

The aim of the Light Dials has been to research possibilities to rediscover former and develop new experiences of time through using changing day and night light instead of schedules and digits.

thede_enger_ljight dial enebyberg stockholm

In Enebyberg, in the northern area of Stockholm, a giant sundial was built partly from a branch from an apple tree, which was coated in different blue colours together with engaged family members of the household and placed outside the main window of their living room. Indoors, the window was clothed in a plastic material made out of minuscule circular tubes, which reflected direct sun light by day as well as an artificial LED light string (programmable iColor Flex IMX) by night.

The project has received funding from the Foundation of Innovative Culture, which serves under the department of Culture in Stockholm, Sweden.


The opening brought stunning sun light and interesting discussions with a lot of nice people; friends and neighbours of the persons in the household.