“Patterns” is an artwork within the project Recollections, where the main material consists of collected and recycled emptied blister packages of medicines. The piece is a site-specific light installation using day light and transparency as its main features. Patterns consists of photographs of the artwork “Patchwork”, a handmade window blind of emptied blister packages sewn together by hand. The photos are printed onto adhesive plastic film and fastened onto the glass panes in the gallery space. Patterns is continually changing with the rhythms of day and night light, the weather conditions as well as the traffic outside in the foreground. The size of the piece is 800 x 210 x 10 cm.



Daylight photos by Helle Robertson
Day and night time documentation by Joanna Thede




Click here for short video of Patterns by day

Click here for short video of Patterns by night