Type of work: Installation

Materials: Trash from beaches, fishing rod

Size: 6 x 4 x 4 m3

Year: 2019

Exhibited: Hässleholms kulturhus, Sweden

About the work: Re-Trails consists of 33 braids made of trash that has been collected, cleaned and dried, from beach walks of appr. 30-60 minutes. The trash that is being collected, is that which nature cannot take care of itself. Every part of recollected trash has then been intertwined with fishing rod into 4 metres long braids. Every walk normally produces material for 1-3 braids. After a storm, there may become as many as 5 braids per walk.
Every braid has a Swedish text describing its date, trail and the songs that have been hummed along the path.

Photos by Cecilia Sering.

The specific light setting creates multiple layers of shadows.
Detail of wall with multiple layered shadows.
Detail of braid with metal and plastic pieces of trash.
Everything washed up on the beach has been collected, including a can, dog waste bags, an old and broken road sign etc.
The braids hang from the ceiling down to the floor and measure approximately 4 meters each.
The artist in front of the large installation Re-Trails on the opening day of the solo exhibition “Refound Tales and Trails” at Hässleholms Kulturhus in October 2019. Photo by artist Gertrud Alfredsson.