Reflections (Memorising Monet)

Site specific light installation, 2008

Size of floor: 5 x 6 metres


CD:s and DVD:s are placed on the floor in the form of pools, reflecting natural daylight from outside. During periods of the day, the discs also reflect and refract the rays of sunlight, making an ephemeral drawing of the movements of the Earth through displaying reflections in the ceiling and a large circular rainbow that moves slowly across the surface of the space.

Memorising Monet refers to the placing of the discs, creating a personal sketch of Monet’s painting ”Nympheas – green reflections”, the original size of which is 1,97 x 8,47 metres. Reproductions of this painting are – at best – divided into two to fit the catalogue spreads. The sketch on the floor is thus divided into an upper and a lower part, where the upper DVD:s form the left side of the painting and the lower CD:s the right side.








Platsspecifik ljusinstallation