Reflections (Modulator)

Light installation, 2012

Size of mobile: 200 x 150 x 150 cm


Video documentation of the interactive light installation Vessel of Reflection at Beepositive Light Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania, in October 2015.


Reflections (Modulator) is a mobile sculpture made of CD:s, tied together to form spheres which hang from fine tubes of Plexiglass. The light beams from halogene pinspots hit the mobile spheres, creating refractions which make reflections and round rainbows dance over the space when the mobile is moving.

The title Modulator refers to the potential of transforming light via a reflecting surface into larger refracted light patterns. The term is normally used in the word modem: MOdulator-DEModulator, carrying waves and changing text and image into code and back again on computer screens.

Reflections_modulator by Joanna Thede

In 2009, Region Skåne bought 3 of the spheres separately, each titled “Vessel of Reflection”, to install in their ‘Artotek’ (=Artoteque) – an art library connected to the children’s wards in the hospitals of Malmö, Helsingborg, Kristianstad and Lund in the south of Sweden. A torch comes with each sphere to make possible for the patients to themselves interact with the vessels.