Type of work: Commission

Place: Northwood Children’s Hospice in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Material: Adhesive fourcolour print

Size: 160 x 118 cm

About the work: Refractions is a digital photography of a light refraction made with a torch and a DVD onto a white wall indoors. The photo is then digitally reworked into a pattern for a contravision print, produced for and installed onto a double glass door at Northwood Children’s Hospice which is a children’s hospice in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The installation of the contravision print has the function of a blind: making it impossible from the outside to see through the windows, at the same time letting full day light through and keeping the view intact from inside the room.

The contravision material worked well for 2 years, when it had to be removed as it was worn down by strong sun light and heat.

Documentary photos: Ruth Nesbit

From the outside:


From the inside: