Remedy for a Tree

Type of work:  Digiprint on half matte paper

Size: 103 x 81 cm

Content: The original art piece “Remedy for a Tree” was a site-specific artwork made for a specific tree in Slottsparken in Malmö. The piece was on display during the public outdoor exhibition Hidden Art / Dold Konst which was dedicated to the saving of trees. The exhibition ran through-out the summer of 2015 and included 120 artists from all over the world. In October 2015, parts of the exhibition continued to Tivoliparken/Sjöcronas park in Höganäs, north of Helsingborg. Within a week, Remedy for a Tree disappeared and its whereabouts still remains hidden.

The art work was made of emptied blister packages, donated by several people, and sewn by hand with nylon thread. Its perimeter was approximately 65 x 50 x 40 cm.