Snödroppsgatan, Holma in Malmö

“Blågrön våg” (Blue-green Wave)

Public Commission, 1995


In 1995, I won a competition by MKB – the municipal building company in Malmö – of designing the exterior colours of 16 buildings of 4 floors and 1 building of 8 floors, the latter of which included an artistic commission of the northern exterior facade.
The pattern is in colours ranging from blue to green in 8 steps forming a giant wave across the facade. The white stripes indicate the staircases and make the colour play of the total surface appear more distinct. The colour design on the surrounding houses in the area are calmer with colour graduations in three steps in the same green and blue tints as in the wave, with an additional third colour of darker red.



Artist: Joanna Thede
Commissioned by Malmö Kommunala Bostadsbolag
Photography: Joanna Thede 2012