Splinters of Time

Type of work: Site-specific light installation outdoors

Place: Slottsparken in Malmoe, Sweden

Materials: Plastic canvas, wooden structure, screws, wire and wire lock, a pair of outdoor spotlights on metal structure

Year: 2018

About the work: The outdoor light installation Splinters of Time was shown for ten days in Kungsparken in Malmö, Sweden, during Metropolis: by Light. The light show ran from Friday the 14th until Sunday the 23rd of September. Photo: Peter Frennesson / Sydsvenska Dagbladet daily paper

Splinters of Time is an installation where the changes of the water surface draws the light play on an installation of textile and wood, displaying the wave formations. The light play changes with the wind and weather, and was number 26 on the interactive map bylight.info

There were also experiences of light during the day time with this art work: the shadows of the greenery on a sunny day, as well as the glimpses of colourful reflections on the small spheres hanging above the structure, are such subtle changing light plays on the white surface.

Thanks to everyone having sent me images and short videos of the installation!

Here is an image by Bengt Adlers early evening of the opening night:

A photo by Uliana Vinogradova later that same evening:

A short film by Anna Södergren:

Another video by Anna Södergren of night paddlers with head lamps rowing by, whose shadows become part of the ever changing light play of the work: