Stones and Bones

Type of work: Installation

Materials: Stones with natural holes and skeleton pieces of fish and bird, fishing rod, light setting

Size: Approx. 6 x 5 x 4 m3

Year: 2021

Exhibited: SPARK gallery in Malmoe, Sweden

About the work: Stones and Bones contains of approximately 30 braids of fishing line in which stones and skeleton pieces of fish and bird are braided in and are hanging from the ceiling. For many years, the stones and bones have been gathered during long beach walks. All that is gathered has been eroded by sand and waves: the bone bits are scraped clean and the stones have natural holes in them.

The work is shown with slowly pulsating light settings in three phases, giving it an impression of breathing. At the same time, the alternating shadows on the walls are displayed in different nuances as well as in multiple layers.