Vårgren (Spring twig)

Type of work: Public art commission

Commissioned by: Laholm’s municipality, Sweden

Place: Vallmons preschool in the city of Laholm in Sweden

Material: Light installation

Size: 250 x 100 x 35 cm

Year: 2022

About the commission: Spring twig in Laholm is an art work that is hand carved out of balsa wood in the shape of a branch. There are drawings of leaves on five plexiglass pieces fixated in the branch. An integrated led light make it possible to light the leaves in different colours. There is a DVD hanging from the branch like a drop, and a rainbow may be lit on the wall behind the Spring twig, which the kids can then see and try to touch. The art work is installed as part of an inner room where the children get together and play and relax in the preschool of Vallmon. The art work was inaugurated in June 2022.