Vessel of Reflection

“Vessel of Reflection” is an interactive light mobile, formed as a sphere made of DVD:s and handtied together with elastic thread. It has an edition of 10.

Vessel of Reflection functions as its title says both when it comes to forming the light refracting surfaces which create dancing reflections and minor colourful rainbows when lit by a pinspot. Also it works as a vessel for thoughts and reflections, while creating these moving light effects on the surrounding surfaces.

Number 1-3 and 5 has been bought by Region Skåne, the county council of the South of Sweden. Thus Vessel of Reflection forms part of a group of 15 works in the art library Artoteket in the children and youth wards in the hospitals of Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Lund and Malmö. This piece is lent together with a torch to the hopsital rooms so that the patients themselves can make their own experiences with the light mobile.