Vessels of Reflection

Type of work: Interactive light installation

Size: 2000 x 450 x 350 cm

Content: During the light event Dark Light Poetry, arranged with Sydsvenska Belysningssällskapet Sydljus (Southswedish Lighting Organization South Light) at the beautiful old castle Övedskloster in the South of Sweden, the interactive light installation Vessel of Reflection was installed in three under an arched vault. The ceiling, walls and floor were drawn again and again by the colourful rainbows refracted from the surfaces of the spheres.

With some help, anyone can decide the pace of the dancing rainbows:


Photo: Anna Bokström


Photo: Anna Bokström

View from the right in the arched vault of Övedskloster’s main building:


View from outside the vault:

thede_vessel_oved_photo_polychronidis_web Photo: Georgios Polychronidis